I was born in Cuba in the center of the country. Since I have use of reason I always had a great passion for the world of photography, but due to the great economic situation that crossed my country it was impossible to dream of the possibility of going to a photography school, much less to think about having a camera photographic but that passion never left me and was always restless inside me waiting for the right moment to leave.

It was in 2013 when I went to live in Rome, Italy and I had the opportunity to go to the Institute of Photography in Rome where I passed a course that included most of the necessary fields to be able to start getting started in this art and finally I managed to have my first camera, nothing the other world a simple camera without many accessories, but the camera is only a tool is the photographer who has to create with it, as a painter does with his brushes, the camera is our brush where we use light instead of colorful paintings to create our images.

Then in 2015 I arrived in this wonderful country where I continued to fight for my dreams and started working in a photography company in New Jersey where I learned a lot from commercial photography working in weddings, Sweet sixteen, etc. Although my true passion is to take pictures of landscapes, animals, nature in general.

That’s how my career began in this wonderful world where you never stop learning, where there are always new experiences, surprises and above all satisfaction because there is nothing more satisfying than doing what you like.

I do all kinds of photography, from newborn photography to photos of a piece of wood, I try to take this job apart from being a business, like my biggest passion and every time someone sees my work to get a message, a discussion, that is not to see something to see, if not something that can transmit a message.

​                                                                                                                               Richard Garcia .

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​                                                                                                                            By Richard Garcia .

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